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Spiritual Coaching

Reserve on-going healing and spiritual awareness coaching for fast growth, in trying times.

With a monthly retainer, or per-session fee, Jenny will be available for ongoing and as needed guidance and healing.

Call, text or email for more information.

Transformational Intuitive Reiki Healing

​Using Reiki, and intuitive guidance, a session will be customized for your individual purposes and goals.*

Spiritual, Evidential, and Healing Mediumship

Mediumship sessions to connect you with your loved ones in spirit. Mediumship sessions can be an incredibly healing and powerful way to not only connect with those we have lost, but also to remind us with that we are more than just our physical selves.

Psychic Readings for you and/or your pets

Readings are about empowerment and healing. I will connect with your loving guides, angels, and teachers to inform, encourage, and guide you on your path. 

Energy Alchemy Aromatherapy

Channeled angel sprays, chakra balancing sprays, and home protective sprays.

Custom channeled aromatherapy blends for individual clients.

Energy balancing bath scrubs and soaking salts.

Land & Environment Readings, Space Cleansings and Blessings

Is your home or business not a peaceful environment? Does something feel not right  in your space? Clear away energetic clutter. Bring harmony and positive energy to your home or business, with a Space Cleansing and Blessing.

We honor and respect all of our clients beliefs.

  Schedule a complimentary consultation. *

**See our latest blog entry**

Intuitive Energy awareness and Reiki Certification Classes

Call or email for a schedule of classes.

*All sessions are confidential

*Jennifer is a Reiki Master, Spiritual Psychic Medium, animal communicator, and Certified Holistic Health Navigator, with over 25+ years experience in the metaphysical, movement and the healing arts.

Her natural intuitive gifts, broad education, and many years of experience as a massage therapist in physical therapy clinics, spas, and in private practice, have given her a unique holistic perspective on healing.

Jenny has studied with many highly skilled teachers, and has obtained certification as a Psychic Medium with James Van Praagh, Zen RoseGarden. Her love for what she does, skills, and compassion shine through in nurturing and transformational sessions.

Call for an Appointment: (707) 292-9082

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