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Vibrant Blessings!

Every day is an opening to a new start. 

September 26, 2017

Let's  reveal opportunities and fresh perspectives. 

Take into consideration that evolving energies create new timelines and quests. How will I begin the new day? Start at home. Be present within. Where are you now? Sitting, lying in bed, or perhaps taking a shower? Let's find, in this very moment, your solar plexus and inhale through your nose. Take in a slow, deep breath. Filling the bottom of your lungs, let the new air fill up your lungs from the base of your spine, as far up as you can. Hold this new air, life force, and prana. Hold for 4 seconds. 1...,2...,3....4 Exhale slowly, through your mouth, releasing the old and stale energy for a count to 8. When you are finished with the exhalation, hold again for 4 seconds. Repeat this exercise 3 times.

Notice how you feel.

A crystal clear moment is timeless...

Energetic Transformation Of Properties And Land​

June 18, 2017

There are many ways to describe the place where you live. It can be your home, a nest, your castle, and your haven, to list a few. But what if your home doesn’t feel like any of those things. Sometimes your house, and even the property that it stands on, can feel cold, chaotic, and stressful. You may even feel more tired, less cheerful, and unmotivated. This can affect how you greet the day. Your health may even be affected.

Deciding to change what isn’t working, and affect positive change in your life can begin with just that, the decision to make some changes. You probably haven’t realized it yet, but by simply putting awareness around what isn’t working, you have already taken the initial step towards transformation and growth. Congratulations! This is hope, and it is the beginning of a new light-filled day.

Let’s begin by examining the front of your home, or property. When you first arrive, does seem welcoming? How do you feel before you step out of the car? Are happy to be home? Does your spirit lift with the sight of “home?” If not, then let’s have a good look around.

The entrance to your home, or property is what I like to call the "initial greeting." It calls out a “hello!” to all who come in contact with it. The plants and flowers are the “greeters. “ They send out that initial “hello.” By planting some welcoming shrubbery, plants, and/or flowers, you have made that entrance to your home a welcoming start.

Trees can be a division along property lines. They also create a channel that holds the memories of all who have lived there. The trees hold the history, and add strength to the land. The land and soil, which supports everything, purifies and nourishes all that is above it.

The front door to your home sings a song of welcome. The doorbell itself, or from the energy and strength of the material and color that it is comprised of, can set the tone of the home. The front door is like the shoes one wears. It either blends well with our wardrobe, or stands out and begs to be noticed. I liken it to a smile on the front porch. What does your front door say?

Beyond the structures that are on your property, there is the living home. The land. Send gratitude to the land, in whatever form you are most comfortable with. This is the beginning of a house blessing. It opens the channels to the heart, and connects us to the earth. Harmonious communication with the land, and the property that is on this land, awakens the heart, and is a call through, to the Divine. Welcome! May all who live here, pass by this land, and are acquainted with it, be blessed and held with the sanctity, unconditional love, and purity of the divine spirit.

Mahalo, & namaste!

Jennifer Blakey

What do you want to reveal about yourself?

June 23, 2017

While in meditation, I asked for a healing around our physical selves, our attributes, beauty, and attraction in general. This is what I got:

We manifest our true and divine selves in our physical body in order to become one with who we are. The expression of love towards ourselves radiates out to others, and allows them the principle to be who they are, as well.

Loving ourselves shows kindness and compassion.

That kind of beauty is the most attractive of all!

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